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owner, founder, hair and makeup stylist
instagram: @kris_druw

My childhood dream was to become a hairdresser. 
I started doing hairstyles at the age of 12, I practiced doing hair for my fellow competitiors at first, then continued doing my own competition hair and makeup. 

I quit my job teaching dance because I wanted to follow my dream to be a hair & makeup artist … And I've never been happier.

I have been doing Hair and Makeup professionally since 2014. I have gained a lot of skills and experience in this field, creating my own styles which I support and develop. I’m constantly learning from the best professionals in the beauty industry from all over the world. 
My inspiration: haute couture, drag makeup and wigs,

Tonya Pushkareva, Viola Pyak

top hair and makeup stylist
instagram: @katya.yourstylist
IMG_6213 2.PNG
top m
akeup artist
instagram: @valerybelka_beauty
Anjel    Ortega
licenced cosmetologist, hairstylist

instagram: @glamhairco

Growing up if you’d ask me what I wanted to do I would have never said hairstylist. As the years went by I’d find myself attending special events and being like omg how was the brides hair done and so on and so forth, having no experience at that point. 
After high school is when I started to dance and get more involved in the ballroom industry, I loved all the sculpted looks I’d see on the floor and Soon after I started to work at a hair salon as a receptionist. I got to see if that was for me and sure enough I quickly gravitated to the up styling and started assisting at bridal functions. 
After about a year of practice I started to take my own parties and I’ve been doing so for the last 9 years. My current goal is to merge both what I know with bridal and what I continue to learn with ballroom styling.  

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