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What Comes  From The Heart Goes To The Heart

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We are dance & beauty lovers! Our team loves you unconditionally and we care about the results and your well being!

Our philosophy is the perfect balance of high quality services and respect for the hair while maintaining the health of the skin & scalp.

We love what we do and you’ll see that in our work💜


📍Embassy Dance Championships August 31–September 4, 2022 📍 United States Dance Championships September 5–10, 2022 📍 American DanceSport Festival USADANCE October 7-9 2022 📍 Caribbean Dancesport Classic November 2–6, 2022 📍 Ohio Star Ball Championships (NOT CONFIRMED) November 15–20, 2022 📍 Gumbo - New Orleans USADANCE November 25-27 2022 📍Holiday Dance Classic Championships (NOT CONFIRMED) December 12–18, 2022


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